Water line/ Sewer line repairs and replacements

We offer main water service and sewer line repairs and replacements.

We own our own equipment such as Excavators, Trenchers and Loaders so we can do what needs to be done and when it needs to be done. We have line locating equipment to insure we can pin point your problem areas.

We have the ability to put a camera in your drains for inspections and identifying possible problems before the they cause major damage to your home.

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Water Heaters/ FIxtures

Water heater repairs and replacements. Not enough hot water? Not hot enough? Yearly water heater check up? Water heater on its last leg or just over ten years old? We can take care of you.

Dripping faucets or fixtures? Running toilets? Wanting to get some water saving devices? Just want a new look for your bathroom or kitchen. We can take care of that as well.


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Drain Cleaning / Stoppages

Slow Drain? House stopped up? Gurgling Drains?

We have drain clearing equipment such as large, Medium, and small drain machines / Sewer snakes. sewer inspection cameras ect.

We can get your lines jetted which is a high pressure washing system to clean your drains to like new condition. Save yourself big money on major repairs by taking care of your drain system before a major stoppage even occurs.

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Our Family/ Business History

Phil Miller started Miller Plumbing in the early 80's as a man looking to better his family while helping his community.  He started out in an old pick up by him self and grew into a multi crew company providing plumbing services ranging from small residential repairs to full blown large scale commercial rough ins.

He taught his son and many others the plumbing trade and went on to be a respected business owner influencing the lives of everyone who met him.

Sadly he passed away in 2010 and his son is picking up where he left off with Miller Legacy Plumbing, keeping the vision alive.

We are a bit smaller scale specializing in mostly residential work. Major repipes like service and sewer lines to interior whole house repipes of Poly, galvanized piping and worn out copper systems all the way down to minor rebuilds and repairs of your home fixtures. Drain line stoppages and camera inspections. Water heater replacements and servicing to preventative maintenance off all aspects of your homes plumbing systems.



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